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Children & Teens

Do you, sometimes, cringe at the manners of the young people you serve?

My guests learn that

  • They can be socially savvy and still awesome!
  • Learning about respect can be exciting!
  • Social know-how can set them apart from the other interviewees

College Students

Do you serve college students?

Are you afraid your students will be passed over for career opportunities, because they don’t know how to conduct themselves like a professional?

We offer

  • The Interview Meal: Keep Your Job Prospects Simmering
  • Interview Secrets: Hone Your Competitive Edge
  • Networking/Conversation Strategies that Build Relationships


Are careers and company revenues suffering because your team members?

  • Are they uneasy with face-to-face and phone conversations?
  • Feel they have little of value to contribute?

Client Testimonials

“Sooner or later most, if not all of our students, will conduct business over a meal. Ms. Parnes walked the students through a typical business meal offering essential information in an easy engaging style. And, as Minuteman programs focus not only on acquiring knowledge but also applying it, her hands-on approach was consistent with the way our students learn. Student feedback showed that they picked skills they will use and had fun in the process!”
Angela Carney, Career and Guidance Counselor, Minuteman High School, Lexington, MA

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