Etiquette Workshops for Children,
Teens & College Students

Boosting confidence, building character

Practicing good manners is like playing by the rules of a game: it's the best way to win self-respect and the respect of others.

Young people, like all of us, are born with innate qualities such as kindness, patience, and courage. Polite behaviors, such as waiting quietly, turning off a smartphone before a job interview, or respectfully taking a stand spotlight these innate gems. This, in turn, projects respect, consideration, and confidence.

Our workshops and seminars offer tools that build character and a positive self-image. Engaging, interactive and age-appropriate, these events arm students with leadership skills, so they can naturally, comfortably shine anywhere: on the playground, at the dinner table, or in a job interview.

All workshops are led by Janet L. Parnes, trained by the Protocol School of Washington ®. Whether coaxing a reluctant nine-year-old or helping a high school or college student navigate an expanding world, Ms. Parnes uses creativity and experience to:

  • Bolster confidence with a supportive environment where students can observe, role-play, and review
  • Engage with lively discussion, interactive tools, props, and anecdotes
  • Inspire students to treat others with respect and consideration