Are you a parent, or do you serve children?

Do your children’s manners sometimes make you cringe?

We offer

  • Programs That Make Respect Exciting and Meaningful
  • Everyday Etiquette for Children
  • Simple Etiquette for Princesses & Knights


teen on phone
Is it frustrating that your teens think manners don’t really matter?

We offer

  • How to be Socially Savvy and Still Awesome
  • Interviewing Secrets: How to Stand Out From the Competition

College Students

Do you serve college students?

Are you afraid your students will be passed over for career opportunities, because they don’t know how to conduct themselves like a professional?

We offer

  • The Interview Meal: Keep Your Job Prospects Simmering
  • Interview Secrets: Hone Your Competitive Edge
  • Networking/Conversation Strategies that Build Relationships

Client Testimonials

“Ms. Parnes worked with our Wellesley Cub Scouts Pack 140 to make an hour-long lesson that kept our boys entertained, enthralled, and yes, learning! She was a delight to work with, as she was eager to customize the program to meet the needs of Cub Scouts belt loop and pin achievements. These achievements have specific requirements in the manners and etiquette categories, and we were able to get our first through fifth-grade boys sitting with napkins in their laps, cutting their brownie stand-in for steak with knife and fork, and shaking hands and looking adults in the eye while introducing themselves. Our parents were thrilled and even learned a few things themselves! I highly recommend Ms. Parnes for a fun and educational evening in teaching our youngsters skills that they will use all their lives.”
Karen Haberly, Cub Scout Leader

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