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Are you searching for a speaker for an upcoming event? Below are descriptions of talks have given to a variety of organizations:


Communications Secrets That Profit Your Business and Career! 

Do you ever scratch your head wondering why a sure–fire prospect defected to the competition? 

Do you find dread networking and find it does little-to-nothing for your business? Others seem to profit but not you.

You’re oozing with expertise, dress to impress and have been told you’re polite and personable. What gives?

Participants learn easy-to-implement verbal and nonverbal (body language) skills that generate likeability, build trust and make us more memorable and referable. Participants leave equipped with some or all the following:

  • Body-language: gestures that clarity conversation points and engage a listener
  • Verbal techniques that make key messages stand out
  • Strategies for initiating and maintaining small talk with ease (no need to sweat this" small" stuff!)
  • Ways to navigate through conversation conundrums with grace

Participants gain greater success in securing client/customer loyalty and converting prospects to customers, Why? Their clients (customers and prospects) feel acknowledged and valued. This generates likability and trust. People do business with those they know like and trust.


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Business Dining: How to Keep Your Prospects from Going Up in Flames!

At a business (or any important) meal, it can be reassuring to know the most about table manners– and humiliating to know the least!.

Knowing proper dining protocols relieves nervousness, prevents embarrassment and frees us to focus on the people and conversation at hand. In a 20 – 30-minute talk participants  learn some or all of the following:

  • Table-setting trip-ups
  • Host and guest responsibilities
  • Toasting etiquette
  • How to navigate through common dining dilemmas 

Don't sit at a table worrying about your next manners move!! Come equipped skills that will allow you to stay focused on your companions and the business at hand., Arrive confident and ready to move towards your goals!!

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See video excerpts from my speaking events at