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    • How to Honor the American Flag

      This Memorial Day weekend, communities all over the USA will honor those who have given their lives in service to our country. As such, the Flag should be honored through protocols that include the following: The Flag should be raised all the way up the pole, before being lowered to half-mast The Flag should fly at […]Read More »
    • Courtesy, Brazilian Style

      The Olympic Games offer us easy access to a worldwide display of athleticism, talent and grit!  The Games also give us a glimpse into the culture of the host country. Below are rules that help define etiquette in Brazil: Meeting and greeting Men shake hands. By U.S. standards, the Brazilian handshake is lengthy; eye contact […]Read More »
    •      Three Disappearing Manners Worth a Rescue

        In the early days of commercial flying, decorum dictated that passengers dress up. Now that air travel is common, people dress for comfort. Manners change with society; some, however, are timeless. Below are three courtesies that are fading and warrant a rescue: 1 Training children to be comfortable calling adults by a title: (Mr. […]Read More »
    • Simple No-Cost Ways Kids Can Show Dad That He is Important

      Are you pulling at your hair, trying to think of something special to give your  father on Fathers’ Day?  Try the gift of appreciation. There are simple actions you can take to show Dad that he is important. Read below to find out how Fathers’ Day came to be. You'll also see a few appreciation-gift tips:  A West Virginia […]Read More »
    •  How to Exchange Business Cards Professionally

      In the 17th century, business cards were called “bearer” and ”calling” cards, indicators of social status. The cards later became ”trade cards”,  used as a way to identify oneself as part of an organization and provide contact information. Today, business cards constitute a  professional staple. Below are a few rules for exchanging them with respect […]Read More »
    • It’s National Thank You Note Day – I’m Celebrating with Janet Parnes!

      (Marketing expert Kris K and I collaborated to write this blog for her site THE APPRECIATION FACTOR ) Enjoy! It's’s that time of year where you may already be writing thank you notes for the generosity of those around you, but did you know there’s an actual “holiday” for Thank you notes? Yep it’s December 26th!  I think it […]Read More »
    • The Consequences of Dropping Courtesy When Responding to a Rude-Ball

      A news story from this fall illustrates the consequences of responding to a rude pitch without bringing etiquette into play. A Minnesota couple accepted an invitation to a family member’s wedding. At the last minute their babysitter called in sick, preventing the couple from going. The couple did not notify the bride and groom. They […]Read More »
    • ​​​How to Have a Frightfully Polite Halloween!

      They may have been “creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky”, but the Addams family was also courteous. The following tips can be used to teach children that when fairies, freaks, princesses and creeps share the sidewalk with courtesy, everyone can have a frightfully polite Halloween: When you see other wizards, gremlins, and goblins smile and say, […]Read More »
    • How to Greet the Pope

      It’s not that I expect to be plucked from some Google search for an audience with Pope Francis this week. I just found myself wondering, “How do you behave when meeting a pontiff?”  Below are the results of my research: What to wear. The guidelines are consistent with the Victorian edict to dress in consideration […]Read More »
    • The Art of Regifting

      It’s your birthday! Once again, you have circled around the sun and earned a day that revolves around you! You’re surrounded by family and friends, balloons blowing in the breeze and a flaming, “Atta Girl {Boy}!” cake.  It’s time for gifts! One by one, you open them to find the following: A book – a clone […]Read More »
    • Answers to Your Burning Dining-Etiquette Questions

      At Norman Rockwell’s holiday table there was certainly a napkin on every lap, a “Please” and Thank you” for every dollop of mashed potato and a symphony of amiable conversations. However, This paradigm of dining etiquette does not always translate into the typical family holiday-dinner reality. Below are simple table manners that can help you […]Read More »
    • Arguing with Artistry

      With the heated controversy over the war, health-care reform, casinos in Massachusetts, etc. I decided to resurrect an article I wrote a while ago in relation to a confrontation between and professor and police officer. The article ran in the MetroWest Daily News. Below is an excerpt: “The guidelines below, stemming from time-honored rules of […]Read More »
    • Etiquette of a Virtual Book Tour

      Guest Blog by Connie Dunn   Before understanding the etiquette of a Virtual Book Tour, you will need to understand what a Virtual Book Tour is. I have to say that while this is a relatively new marketing tool for me, it appears to be one of the most intriguing endeavors I’ve undertaken. It is […]Read More »
    • Interview Etiquette: To Drink or Not to Drink

      I figured the cup of coffee would be safe at my feet, but the laws of physics proved me wrong. In the middle of the networking meeting my left foot sideswiped the paper cup. It toppled over, forming a brown puddle on the carpet. The carpet magically absorbed the mess, absolving me of lasting embarrassment. […]Read More »