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Holiday Manners for Children

Children who attend this workshop will learn manners that help them to be comfortable and courteous around others; this will make the holiday festivities more enjoyable for themselves, friends and family. Topics will include the following:

  • Why manners matter; the power they give children to make themselves and others feel happy and important
  • How to introduce themselves and others with eye contact and a firm handshake
  • Table manners: how to set a table; utensil and napkin handling; cutting technique; asking for/passing food, ways to compliment the cook and dilemmas such as a bone in the mouth, sneezing/coughing, foods they don’t like and allergies. We will practice with snacks using china/linens.
  • General social graces: how to respond to a compliment; holding a door for someone; offering an adult their seat; accepting a gift and writing a thank-you note

Location: Morse Institute Library, Natick

Date/Time Saturday, November 7 from 10:15 – 12:15.

Each child will receive a workbook and a gift of note cards.

Suggested attire: dress, skirt or slacks with blouse or sweater for girls; pants with shirt or sweater for boys.

Registration required; visit the Library’s Children’s Room or call the Library at 508-647-6522. Space is limited.

Deborah Samson’s Other Secret

Children in the Tobin Beaudet School, Needham explore  respect with the help of Revolutionary-War heroine Deborah Samson. Deborah tells selected adventures from her life to illustrate the ways respect for Children, Adults, Myself, and People who are different (C.A.M.P.) helped disguise  herself as  man and  became a solider in George Washington’s Army. April  (Private)

Life Skills for Teens: Interviewing Secrets!

High-school juniors in the John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation’s mentoring program  learn practical skills that will help them project a confident and competent image during a college or job interview, Topics include pre-interview research, waiting-room strategies, questions/responses to prepare, attire, items to bring, body language, savvy follow up, common pitfalls and more. (Private Event)

Simple Etiquette for Princesses & Knights

Children at The Tobin School, Natick will learn manners that help set a foundation for social ease and an appreciation of those who look different. Over the 5-week series we will practice the way to introduce ourselves, table manners, play-date host/guest etiquette and kindness to family members and friends. The Ugly Duckling fairly tale will generate a conversation about everyone’s outer beauty and the inner “jewels” such as kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness within all of us. The series will wrap up with a Royal Tea Party, complete with capes, crowns/tiaras, china/linens and treats as well as Lady J’s hilarious story/game The Polka-Dot Princess.
February-March After-School Program (Private Event)

The Interview Meal: Secrets That Keep Your Prospects Simmering!

Minuteman High School students will enjoy a delicious luncheon prepared in the School’s Fife and Drum restaurant and practice skills that will enable them to be professional and comfortable at a business meal. Topics will include advance planning, the table setting, buttering/eating a roll, napkin/silverware handling and positioning, cutting technique, common pitfalls, dining dilemmas and smart follow up. Date: April 2015 Location:Minuteman High School; The Fife & Drum restaurant (Private Event)

5-Star Manners for Children

Children ages 8-11 at the Tobin School, Natick  will learn skills that alleviate awkwardness and enable them to behave respectfully and considerately interacting with peers and adults. Topics include confident introductions, polite table manners,  comfortable conversation and courtesy when out and about. March – May ( Private)