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College to Career

Under-the-radar and time-honored strategies that place students ahead of the competition and into careers!

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Today’s job search is like driving on a single-lane road at rush hour — everyone’s heading to a single destination. A dazzling resume may open the interviewer’s door, but appearance and conduct can determine whether a qualified candidate lands on the company payroll or back home scouring the employment pages. The seminars below arm students with critical “soft skills” that boost confidence and increase comfort, giving a candidate a competitive edge!

The Interview Meal: Keep Your Prospects from Going Up in Flames!

  • Smart preparation    
  • Appropriate attire
  • When to be seated and start eating
  • The table setting
  • Handling silverware
  • Toasting savvy
  • Alcohol: to drink or not to drink
  • Napkin handling
  • How to eat soup and butter/eat a roll
  • Passing foods
  • Dining pitfalls- olive pits, bones, unwise food selections, etc.
  • And more…

Interview Secrets: Hone Your Competitive Edge

  • How to override nervousness and project confidence
  • Questions to expect; developing thoughtful responses
  • Developing questions to ask
  • Attire; what is appropriate for the organization
  • The waiting room–how to make use of it
  • The professional introduction
  • Body-language while interviewing
  • Preventing and handling trip-ups
  • Follow up to stand out
  • Making the most of a job fair
  • Conversing with ease
  • And more…

Conversation Secrets: Ease Your Anxiety, Stand Out from the Pack!

 Verbal skills and body language that relieve anxiety and give your conversation clarity and power!

     How to make small talk easy for you and your connectionscollege kids networking

     Conversation conundrums such as dealing with compulsive talker  or one-upper

     How to end a conversation

    The power of our names

     Body language: how to use this largely underused power tool to make you memorable

     Mobile-device turnoffs

     The Savvy Conversationalist at a Networking Event::

         How to enter a room

         How to introduce others

         What to do if you find yourself alone

         Breaking into and addressing a group

         How to present and accept a business card

     And more..

These are available as college seminars or to any individual organization wishing to educate job seekers. For additional details please contact Janet Parnes at 508-376-1110 or email her at