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Professionals: Ramp up Your Income!




Customer-Focused Conversation Techniques that Build Lists and Boost Revenues

Are your competitors signing on too many customers that ought to be yours?

Your team members are professionals: courteous, friendly and experts in the company's products and services  What's the missing piece?

Customer service that will distinguish your company from the competition!



Your competitors offer excellent customer service– your team can surpass theirs to

  •        Distinguish your company from the competition
  •        Build the company's customer list
  •        Boost income

 The essence of stellar customer service lies in making customers (clients) and prospects feel acknowledged and valued. When customers and prospects feel acknowledged and valued they are inclined to want to know us, to like and trust us.  And, we all know people like to do business with those they know like and rust.

 In this program, professionals learn subtle conversation techniques that raise the acknowledgment and value factors to transforms  Topics include the following:

  •      Words and phrases that generate likeability and trust (and some that do the opposite)
  •      Small-talk strategies that put a customer at ease and invites them to engage
  •      How to lead a customer through a difficult conversation (e.g. delivering bad news and calming an irate  customer )
  •      Body language: how to influence without saying a word
  •      Smartphone conduct that can send a customer to the competition
  •      Digital-conversations  tips and warnings — texts, emails social media
  •      Networking etiquette and strategies that build community 
  •      Situations specific to your company

And more…

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 Business Dining: How to Keep Opportunities from Going Up        in Flames!

Have you ever been afraid of embarrassing yourself at a meal with a client, because you weren't quite sure about your table manners?

Do you have an agenda in mind and want to be sure food-related issues don;t get in the way?

Project a professional, socially aware confident image when dining with clients, vendors or colleagues by knowing the fine points of business-dining conduct Incorporate these into your dining habits and you will dine with ease and stay on track. You will find yourself preempting catastrophes, navigating dining dilemmas discretely and focusing on the people and conversation at hand.

Topics include the following

  • Smart preparation
  • Host and guest responsibilities  
  • When to be seated and start eating
  • The table setting
  • Handling silverware
  • Toasting savvy
  • Alcohol considerations
  • Napkin handling
  • How to eat soup and butter/eat a roll
  • How to pass foods
  • Dining pitfalls- olive pits, bones, unwise food selections, etc.
  • And more…