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Real-Estate Professionals

How to Unleash the Power of Communications to Boost Listings & Income!

Have you ever felt blindsided by a would-be client who defected to a competitor? 

Do you wish you were getting more referrals from former clients?

You're personable, always only a phone call away and know your properties cold! Why aren't you   getting more listings?

Maybe someone else made your client/prospect feel more important than you did. After all, don't we all want to do business with people who make us feel acknowledged and valued!

 In this workshop, real-estate professionals learn verbal and nonverbal communication techniques that help them make each client feel like their only client. The same is true for prospects. Topics include the following:

    Verbal techniques that make a client/prospect feel at home 

    How to make small talk more effective

     Conversation conundrums, such as dealing with an irate client 

     Body language: a largely underused power tool 

     Electronic-device benefits and turn-offs

     Open-house conduct that impresses clients and visitors (future clients) 

     Listing presentations –how to make the prospect feel front-and-center

     How to forge colleague connections that benefit everyone. Common complaints.

     Basic networking practices that expand your referral network by making you memorable

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