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Respect Programs for Schools

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              RESPECT:  Deborah Sampson’s 2nd Secret!

                                   Adventures that make respect the main character

                                                 Grades 3-5 

Children sit on the edge of their seats– too excited to realize they are actually learning about respect– a power tool they can use to shape relationships and achieve their dreams! Children come to see this through selected adventures from the life of Massachusetts war heroine Deborah Sampson (aka Samson). Deborah tells them how respect for herself and others enabled her to achieve her dream: she disguised herself as a man and enlisted as a soldier in the Continental Army! This dream was worth the risk of imprisonment, humiliation and a  whipping! (Deborah is the only woman known to have done this without getting caught!) In this interactive presentation, complete with PowerPoint slides, video and word games, children…

  • Realize that heroes also face obstacles such as fears, doubts and naysayers
  • Volunteer to name one of their dreams and a step they can take now to move towards it
  • Share their views on ways to show respect for themselves (belief in their abilities, perseverance, etc.) and others (siblings, classmates, teachers, parents).  What are the benefits?
  • Learn about respect from a peer perspective through the Respect Rap video (WiFi required)
  • Learn new riveting details about a woman they know from their 3rd–  and 5th- grade Colonial America classes

Children hear concrete examples of respectful behavior and its benefits to themselves and others through Deborah’s adventures from her childhood as an indentured servant and adult life as an under-cover soldier.

The C.A.M.P. acronym helps children relate and remember:

   Respect for




         People who look different from me

Results: Children come to understand that respect empowers them to shape relationships, value their own abilities and fulfill their dreams. 

40-50 minutes; suitable for assembly or classroom/smaller group event 

The story behind Deborah's principled deception: Deborah can also visit to tell her life's story including her "firsts: for women!, See  This is through my sister company Historical Portrayals by Lady J– performances for children and adults.

Deborah introduces herself  at 


(Grades 3-5)

Writing Workshop is tailored to support the Writing Standards for audience grade level. The workshops help develop writing skills such as descriptive writing, engaging openings and endings that leave readers wanting more!

Living-Biographies/Wax-Museum Workshop: students learn simple storytelling techniques that alleviate anxiety and stimulate creativity, Students portray their characters more comfortably, creatively and convincingly. Visitors are impressed with the quality of the presentation; the children feel rewarded for their efforts and have fun!




                I Think You’re Wonderful!

            Learning to appreciate those who are different

                                  Grades K-2                                                    

There is barely a wiggle in the room, as children tune in while developing their ability to be empathetic and respectful to those who are different! They come to realize that we all look beautiful in our own way; we just different! Our outside beauty and inner qualities, “jewels” (kindness, joy, generosity, etc.) combine to make us wonderful! Lady J tells The Ugly Duckling fairy tale to launch a conversation with the children about respect for those who look or act differently from themselves.

Assembly Program (40-50 minutes)

  Lady J tells the story. Then the children jump in through a group activity and lively conversation, as we use the story to talk about issues such as the following:

     What are some of the ways children are different- beautiful in their own way?

     Do we know if a child can be our friend simply by looking at him/her?

     How to find the “jewels” (qualities) in others?

Classroom Program

   The children then make their own ducklings (Paper-bag puppets. See above)

    The children show their puppets; we talk about their differences (feathers, colors, etc.) and which “jewel” (kindness, generosity, etc.) each chose to glue on to their puppets. We wrap up by singing “I Think You’re Wonderful” by Red Grammer.

Results:  Children learn about putting themselves in another’s shoes, appreciating another’s feelings and fundamentals of relating respectfully with others, be it in a family, school or neighborhood.

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