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"The [business-dinind[ Lunch "Learn was so much fun today! I could tell you were a hit, because people continued to talk about the luncheon in the halls afterward. Thank you for joining us, again!"


Daniel P. Dain Mr. Dain is a founder, chairman and president of Dain, Torpy, LeRay, Wiest, & Garner, P.C. Boston, MA

“Thank you for helping to create a great event. Your hours of planning and attention to detail paid off with a well-executed event. The students enjoyed themselves while having fun and learning—mission accomplished. I also appreciated your flexibility with taking on comments from the audience and weaving them into the delivery of your presentation.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Richard Davino, Director of Career Planning and Internships, Dean College

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation last night! It’s evident that you really know your material, and that you enjoy presenting as well. The seminar armed the students with tips and techniques to make their first impression a memorable one.”

Lauren Kracoff, Director, Mazie Mentoring Program, John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation

“Janet’s business-dining workshop was informative and enjoyable! Our members are young professionals and college students, some of whom grew up in Taiwan, others in the United States. They were raised in traditional Asian homes and, thus, have had limited exposure to American dining etiquette. Janet presented essential information, taking the mystery out of proper business dining. In addition, her stories made the workshop entertaining and memorable!”

Bryan Lin, Professional Development, Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP), Boston

“Sooner or later most, if not all of our students, will conduct business over a meal. Ms. Parnes walked the students through a typical business meal offering essential information in an easy engaging style. And, as Minuteman programs focus not only on acquiring knowledge but also applying it, her hands-on approach was consistent with the way our students learn. Student feedback showed that they picked skills they will use and had fun in the process!”

Angela Carney, Career and Guidance Counselor, Minuteman High School, Lexington, MA

“The dinner went very very well! I found it easy to remember all the etiquette tips we practiced, This helped me to feet confident and, thus, enjoy myself! I was especially grateful for our review of the toast, as the host offered some lovely words to welcome my husband and me. I was SO releived that I knew just what to expect and what to do!

So, thank you for all your kind help and for following up to see how the dinner went. I truly hope I have a change to work with you again, and that my children can someday take one of your courses for kids!”

Sarah M., private client preparing for an upcoming business dinner

“Ms. Parnes worked with our Wellesley Cub Scouts Pack 140 to make an hour-long lesson that kept our boys entertained, enthralled, and yes, learning! She was a delight to work with, as she was eager to customize the program to meet the needs of Cub Scouts belt loop and pin achievements.

These achievements have specific requirements in the manners and etiquette categories, and we were able to get our first through fifth-grade boys sitting with napkins in their laps, cutting their brownie stand-in for steak with knife and fork, and shaking hands and looking adults in the eye while introducing themselves. Our parents were thrilled and even learned a few things themselves! I highly recommend Ms. Parnes for a fun and educational evening in teaching our youngsters skills that they will use all their lives.”

Karen Haberly, Cub Scout Leader